ASDA Representatives

Name: Taylor Nakashima
Year: D2 
Favorite thing about PDSOP: the continuous growth of the organization each year and the enthusiasm that PDSOP members bring to every event! 
Favorite PDSOP-ASDA event of the year: the big sib/little sib BBQ during spring quarter 
Hobbies: traveling, hiking, water sports, cooking, baking

Name: Carlynn Chappell
Year: D2
Favorite thing about PDSOP: How welcoming all the PDSOP members are! PDSOP members have so much excitement to learn and grow in the field of dentistry, while also finding amazing ways to give back to the community together as a tight-nit dental family.
Favorite PDSOP-ASDA event: The Wax-and-Relax workshop!
Hobbies: Family, running, tennis, & coffee!