How can I join PDSOP? 

In order to join PDSOP you need to attend weekly meetings which are held on Tuesdays and pay the membership dues. Membership dues must be paid in full by 5th week of each quarter (or 5th week of fall quarter for full-year membership). Dues are $30 per year or $15 per quarter for UCLA Students and Alumni. Non-students: $40 per year or $20 per quarter.

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Is there an application to join PDSOP

There is No application to join PDSOP. You just need to attend weekly meetings and pay your membership dues.


Where does PDSOP meet? 

Meetings are held:
Tuesdays in CHS-13041 ( UCLA School of Dentistry) from 6-7pm
Weeks 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9 (every quarter)

What Volunteer opportunities does PDSOP offer?

Happy Teeth

Pre-Dentals for Smiling Seniors

Meals on Wheel

Blood Drive

Additional Outreach

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What happens if I can’t attend  PDSOP meeting?

If you have a prior obligation and are unable to attend our meetings, you can still pay membership dues. Doing so will ensure that you will stay on our email lists, which keeps members updated on meeting recaps, outreach opportunities, and upcoming PDSOP events.


I’m not sure I want to become a Dentist, can I still be a member of PDSOP?

Of course, we highly encourage all students to join, even if you are slightly interested in Dentistry. We try to provide a holistic inside look into the career path and are here to help guide you through one of the most difficult decisions of your life.


Do I have to join at the beginning of the quarter?

No, you can join at any time.