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    The PROS Center for Wellness (Personalized Recovery Oriented Services) is a personalized recovery program designed to help you conquer mental health issues and live your life to the fullest. Our team of professionals will craft a personalized recovery plan with you. The personal recovery plan acts as a road map to allow you to get the most out of life.

    Recovery is a challenging process of change. Asking for help is often the hardest part. In order for you to live life to its fullest, we know you need to be in a safe and supportive environment. At the PROS Center for Wellness, we support you every step of the way.

    Living Goals

    • Improvement in relationships
    • Assistance with managing finances
    • Substance abuse counseling
    • Education and volunteering

    “I have been in many treatment programs. The PROS Center for Wellness is the only one that has worked for me. PROS places you on the path to recovery.” Pauline M.


    Your health is of the utmost importance to your recovery. At The Resource Center, we treat every person with a holistic approach to care. TRC has invested in a care model to provide enhanced coordination between existing traditional service environments within our primary care and mental health services programs. The goal is to ensure that individuals served within those programs, and agency-wide, are given every opportunity to improve their lives and their contributions to society.

    Health Services

    • Holistic approach to recovery
    • Social health outreach
    • Strategies to improve mental health

    “There came a point in my life when I knew I had to change for the better. The staff treats you as a whole person here. The PROS Center for Wellness gives me hope and a reason to live.”Jessica M.


    Employment is the lifeblood of a successful life. PROS Center for Wellness counselors will work with you to increase your opportunities into the job market. The PROS Center for Wellness will offer you opportunities to find direction and meaning in your life. Working with your PROS Center for Wellness counselor, you will be challenged to attain higher levels of education. The PROS Center for Wellness offers both structured and unstructured opportunities. You may choose to do volunteer work as part of your recovery, or work a part-time job to increase your opportunities to enter the job market.

    Employment Services

    • Develop a resume
    • Role play interviews
    • Meet job challenges

    • Enhance computer skills
    • Complete a job application
    • And, much more!

    “The PROS Center for Wellness has prepared me to transition back into my community. I am looking for part-time work and even volunteering. Thank you, PROS Center for Wellness.”Andre C.

    About the PROS Center for Wellness

    The Resource Center’s Counseling and Psychiatric Services has served our community by providing mental health options for over twenty years. We use the most effective evidence-based approaches and are dedicated to finding you help.

    The PROS Center for Wellness provides a comprehensive, recovery oriented plan for individuals with severe and persistent mental health conditions.

    The PROS Center for Wellness Supports Individuals to Achieve Life Role Goals

    • Life worth living
    • Attain employment
    • Attain higher levels of education
    • Hope for the future

    ”This program has placed me on the right path. Without the PROS Center for Wellness, I would be spiraling out of control again. PROS saved my life.”Carrie S.


    It’s easy to set up an appointment with the professionals at the PROS Center for Wellness. Call us at any of the numbers below and you can speak with one of our trained staff who will assist you in scheduling an appointment to meet with one of your counselors. They are able to assist you with any questions you may have. PROS has two locations. The Jamestown program is called Passages and the Dunkirk program is called Gateways.


    880 East Second Street
    Jamestown, New York 14701
    Ph: (716) 661-1510
    Fx: (716) 661-1534


    186 Lake Shore Drive West
    Dunkirk, New York 14048
    Ph: (716) 366-7660
    Fx: (716) 366-0501

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    What people say

    Patricia Sharp, Community Helping Hands Office Manager

    “We are extremely grateful for The Resource Center or any group that donates or volunteers, because we serve a lot of people in need in the community.”

    Jim Maione, Director of Distribution, Southern Tier Brewing Company

    “Southern Tier Brewing Company is happy to bring jobs back to the local economy. Our relationship is important with The Resource Center because it gives us an opportunity to provide meaningful work to people with disabilities. Additionally, they are providing a wonderful service for us.”

    Amanda S. – Patient

    “The Resource Center’s Primary Care Staff have been helpful and responsive to my health concerns. I am able to see my provider the same day I contact the office with a need.”

    Mike Richner, Manufacturing Manager, Dahlstrom Roll Form

    “I’ve used The Resource Center in the past and their quality is excellent and their work ethic is very good. The employees knew what the expected quality level was and where it needed to be.”