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    Offering comprehensive care management services to Medicaid recipients

    What is a Health Home?

    The Resource Center Health Home provides Care Coordination services to help make sure everyone involved in an individual’s care is working well together and sharing information that is important in supporting a person’s recovery. A Health Home Care Coordinator is expected to help coordinate not just medical, mental health and substance abuse services, but the social service needs of the individual as well.

    How can a Health Home help me?

    A Health Home is about improving not just your physical health, but your mental and social health as well. TRC’s Health Home assists you to:

    • Get involved in activities to improve your health
    • Obtain housing, legal assistance, food and other essential needs
    • Learn more about meaningful social and community activities to include in your life
    • Positively move from one type of care to another
    • Make sure everyone involved in your care understands goals and the care plan created with you to help meet your goals

    Who is Eligible?

    • Medicaid recipients, including those who are already members of a Managed Care Organization. Individuals who have both Medicaid and Medicare are also eligible.
    • Those eligible need to meet one of the following conditions of eligibility:
      – Two or more chronic health conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, mental health condition or substance use disorder.
      – A significant mental illness
      – Living with HIV/AIDs

    Health Homes has helped me go from being homeless to permanent housing and I am very happy to be where I am.” – Eric L, Successful client

    How is it different from other Care Management?

    TRC’s Health Home Care Coordinators are trained to consider all of your needs: the needs of the whole person. Therefore, you receive support in areas you may not have had assistance with before including housing, legal and becoming involved in social or community activities. The help you receive is driven by your goals and the needs you identify in meeting those needs.

    What are the people that I would be working with like?

    TRC’s Health Home Care Coordinator Team are caring individuals who talk with you about your goals, your needs and what will make your life meaningful. They also know where to go and who to talk with in order to make sure these needs are met as quickly as possible and you have the supports needed for recovery.

    Who do I speak with if I have questions or want to sign up?

    If you would like to speak to someone directly about The Resource Center’s Health Home Care Coordination service, please call 716.000.0000. Our Health Home Care Coordination team would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Our team will also assist you in completing an application and consent form to determine your eligibility for Health Home Care Coordination services.

    Health Homes has been a great ladder back to living, helping me get back on track in life, one step at a time.” – Robert D, Successful client

    What happens to my primary care physician and counselor?

    TRC’s Health Home Care Coordinator shares the Care Plan that you have developed together with your physician, your counselor and other service providers. The Care Plan explains the work being done by TRC’s Health Home team to support your goals. Every person involved in your Care Plan works together to make sure your well being is a top priority.

    What if I am a member of a Managed Care Organization?

    Members of Medicaid Managed Care Organizations are eligible to receive Health Home Care Coordination from The Resource Center. Once you complete the application and consent from, the Health Homes of Upstate New York (HHUNY) team will contact your Managed Care Organization to inform them.

    Who pays for Health Home Services?

    Medicaid pays for Care Coordination services for those who are eligible. It does not cost you anything to enroll.

    Contact TRC’s Health Homes Care Coordination Team


    880 East Second Street | Jamestown, NY | Ph: (716) 485-7224


    186 Lakeshore Drive West | Dunkirk, NY | Ph: (716) 485-7224


    What people say

    Patricia Sharp, Community Helping Hands Office Manager

    “We are extremely grateful for The Resource Center or any group that donates or volunteers, because we serve a lot of people in need in the community.”

    Jim Maione, Director of Distribution, Southern Tier Brewing Company

    “Southern Tier Brewing Company is happy to bring jobs back to the local economy. Our relationship is important with The Resource Center because it gives us an opportunity to provide meaningful work to people with disabilities. Additionally, they are providing a wonderful service for us.”

    Amanda S. – Patient

    “The Resource Center’s Primary Care Staff have been helpful and responsive to my health concerns. I am able to see my provider the same day I contact the office with a need.”

    Mike Richner, Manufacturing Manager, Dahlstrom Roll Form

    “I’ve used The Resource Center in the past and their quality is excellent and their work ethic is very good. The employees knew what the expected quality level was and where it needed to be.”